Backout Buyer

We've come across quite a lot of back out buyers lately. It's becoming frustrating. Please read our T & C on the right side of this blog.

Some cases that we've encountered:

Case 1
Reseller bought a few items at different time. Only paid minimum deposit(not even 50%). Once bags arrived, asked a lot of questions about the bag. We never get any payment for the nx 3 mths. Keep on delaying to settle.

Case 2
Customer ask a lot of questions about some items (which we don't mind). Confirm on one item and ask for account details. When we gave account details, ask for another item. Then confirm on other item. The loop continues until she went MIA.

Case 3
Customer confidently confirm on one item. Pays deposit. Nx day ask to cancel with full refund.

We welcome everybody to buy from us. We started this business using our own resources. We understand if you want to shop elsewhere but when you said confirm, that means you want to buy it. And by not proceed with the payment that makes you a back out buyer. That means you will be blacklisted and most likely we won't entertain your order in the future. Your details will be shared with other online shop so they can be careful when dealing with you.

When you confirm your order, we will confirm the order with our supplier. We won't be able to cancel so if you cancel we have to absorb the cost. Please be responsible for your action and support local businesses.

To our loyal customers and those who've been with us since the beginning of our business, we appreciate and thank you so much for your support.

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