Hello, I’m Azean. I am a homemaker and a mother of 3 kids. We used to live in the US before we come back in 2011.

Our History
I started this business when I was pregnant with our 2nd child. Figure that I want to make extra income to pay off my student loan and for our growing family.

At first, all items purchased are sent directly to customers as I don’t have anybody available to handle the shipping in Msia. A year later is when my sister, Reen, join and help out.

When we decided to leave for Msia, it was quite a sudden decision. I was quite sad thinking that I have to stop doing this. My family in Msia decided to pay us a visit before we left US. That was when I ask my sister Reen to come along and maybe learn a little about the brands that we sell on the blog. We established a relationship with a few suppliers in the States so we can continue with this business.

Nowadays, I let my sister run the business most of the time. She did most of the jobs. Most of the entries are from her. I’m spending my times mostly for our kids and family now. They need my attention more than ever. Occasionally, I will open special orders if I think I have the time to manage. 

*We have been operating since 2009. Thank you for your support.

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